Rat Card

Wish your loved ones a happy Chinese new year by sending them this handmade year of the rat card.

Rat Card

Skill Level

30 minutes + drying time

Time to Make


Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of white card and cut a tall triangle out of it. Then mix some white and black paint together to make grey, and cover one side of this triangle in the grey paint.
  2. Take another sheet of white card and paint a small section of it in grey paint. Once dry, cut out two ear shapes from it and paint the inner sections pink.
  3. Turn the triangle over so the grey side is facing the table, then fold the top section down so the tip is about half way down. Then fold the two sides of the triangle in to meet the sides of the top section.
  4. Stick two wiggle eyes to the top section of the card, then stick a pink pom pom to the tip to make the nose.
  5. Use double sided tape to stick the ears to the top of the card at the back.
  6. Use red paint to write ’20’ on the left hand side of the front of the card, and ’20’ on the right hand side. Leave to dry.
  7. Use a black pen to write ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ inside the card.
Rat Card Rat Card Rat Card

Top Tip

If the card starts to curve once the paint has dried, gently roll it the opposite way to straighten it back out.