Ramadan Countdown

Make a colourful felt calendar for counting the days in Ramadan. The idea can be adapted with your own design details and decorations.

Ramadan Countdown

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision

Time to Make

3 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a piece of A3 felt as a background for the calendar.
    To make the top section, cut a 12cm strip from another A3 felt piece in the same colour, or choose a different colour. Draw a simple curved dome on the felt, cut it out then stick it at one end of the A3 background with double-sided tape.
  2. Cut out 30 x black card strips measuring 10cm x 3cm. Fold each strip in half then stick a glitter star at the end of each one.
  3. Cut out 30 x self-adhesive felt squares for the calendar pockets, each measuring 5cm x 5cm. The squares could all be the same colour or use mixed colours.
    Arrange the felt squares on the background in 6 rows, 5 squares in each row, don’t stick them just yet. Position the squares in straight lines with a 2cm border at the sides and bottom edges and 1cm between the rows.
  4. Cut out 30 x black card pieces, 4cm x 5cm to stick on the back of each felt pocket.
    One at a time, lift the felt squares off the background, peel off the backing paper, stick the card on top then re-position the pockets on the background with the 2 sticky edges placed vertically.
    When all 30 pockets have been stuck down, check the folded strips with stars easily slot inside the pockets. Trim the ends if the strips are too long.
  5. Stick self-adhesive glitter numbers 1-30 onto the pockets.
  6. Draw a simple mosque outline on the back of some self-adhesive felt, cut it out then stick it at the top of the calendar. Or, cut out a different shape with a moon or make another shape for your design.
  7. Cut a 30cm piece of ribbon for a hanging the calendar. Tie the ribbon into a loop then stick it near the top, on the reverse side with double-sided tape. For extra strength, press a piece of sticky tape over the end of the ribbon and along the edge where the 2 background pieces of felt overlap.
    Add a star into a pocket for each day during Ramadan. The sticky edges on the stars can be pressed onto the felt to help keep the strips in place.
Ramadan Countdown Ramadan Countdown Ramadan Countdown

Top Tip

To vary the design, add another felt piece at the bottom of the calendar as a rectangular panel or repeat the curved shape at the top with extra felt decorations or lettering.

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