Rainbow Unicorn Mascot

Celebrate National Unicorn day with this easy to make recycled cardboard tube unicorn mascot! With hanging legs and long flowing hair this unicorn is sure to impress friends and family.

Rainbow Unicorn Mascot

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 Hour (+Drying time)

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint the outside and inside of the cardboard roll with white acrylic paint. Leave to dry. If another coat of paint is needed, apply and leave to dry once again.
  2. On a white sheet of foam draw an oval that is roughly 6cm tall and 4cm wide. Draw two triangles either side of the oval for ears and cut out the whole shape. Draw and cut 2 smaller triangles from pink self-adhesive foam and stick them inside the ears of the white foam head.
  3. For the glittery pink muzzle, trace around the bottom of the head onto pink self-adhesive glitter foam. Measure 2cm up from the bottom of the muzzle and draw a line to make a long half-moon shape. Cut out the muzzle and stick it to the bottom of the white foam head.
  4. Draw and cut out 2 circles from pink foam. Make sure they are no bigger than the pink triangles cut for the insides of the unicorns’ ears. Stick them to the middle of the unicorn’s face on the pink glitter foam muzzle.
  5. On gold glitter self-adhesive foam draw a long triangle that is 5cm tall and 1.5cm wide at the base. Cut the triangle out and stick it between the unicorn’s ears.
  6. Use a fine tip black deco pen to draw a smile on the unicorn’s muzzle. Draw a pair of eyelashes, making sure they line up with the unicorn’s pink nostrils. Leave for a few minutes to dry before sticking self-adhesive blue wiggle eyes below the eyelashes. Make sure to cover the eyelashes slightly so that it looks like they are connected to the wiggle eyes.
  7. Trim the wire ends off two small paper flowers and stick them both sides of the unicorn’s horn for some pretty decoration. Stick the finished unicorn head to the top of the paper roll and leave to dry.
  8. Measure and cut around 30-40 lengths of pink, purple, blue, orange and white wool that are 15cm. Grab the wool into a bundle, making sure the lengths are even. Tie a knot in one end of the bundle. Stick the wool to the back bottom of the cardboard tube to make the unicorn’s tail.
  9. Cut another 30-40 lengths of wool the same length and colours as those in step 8. Split the bundle in half. Stick the first half inside the back of the cardboard tube, behind the unicorn’s head. Stick down the wool in layers. Wait for the glue to become tacky before adding the next layer. Grab the second bundle and glue the strands to the back of the unicorn’s head. Again, work in layers and wait for the glue to become tacky before building up the unicorn’s hair. Once dry, trim the wool to make a neat unicorn mane.
  10. For the legs wrap 2 white pipe cleaners together. Cut the pipe cleaner into 4 quarters so 4 legs can be made. For the two bottom legs bend 2 of the pipe cleaners downwards into a U-shape. At one end of either leg fold a tiny section of the U back up to make a hook. Hook the legs under the front of the cardboard tube and glue in place. Create more U-shapes form the 2 spare pipe cleaners, but this time do not make a hook. Glue each leg below the unicorn’s head, making sure they’re in line with the 2 hooked under the cardboard tube. Leave to dry.
  11. To make the hooves wrap a pink pipe cleaner around the ends of the legs. Once it has become bulky and hoof-like trim the excess pipe cleaner and fold the sharp end.
Rainbow Unicorn Mascot Rainbow Unicorn Mascot Rainbow Unicorn Mascot

Top Tip

To cut down drying time, stick the wool to the inside of the tube using a row of clear sticky tape. The same effect can be created with a lot less mess!