Rainbow Unicorn Marionette

Add some magic to play time with this bouncy dancing unicorn puppet made from recycling a cardboard tube and decorating with paint and coloured wool.

Rainbow Unicorn Marionette

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1.5 hours + drying time for paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint 2 cardboard tubes with white acrylic paint, inside and outside. Also paint 1 conch shell with gold metallic paint, and 4 wooden craft sticks with purple metallic paint. Leave these to dry.
  2. To make the concertina legs cut 10 strips from A3 card which are 3cm wide and 30cm long. Stick 1 of the strips on top of the other at 90 degrees to make an ‘L’ shape. Repeat this with all the card until you have 5 ‘L’ shapes. Fold one piece over the other to make a concertina stack. Stick down the ends of the paper to secure the concertina. Leave to dry.
  3. Cut 30-40 20cm long coloured wool pieces. Gather them into an even bunch and tie into a knot at one end. Cut out 30-40 10cm wool pieces and leave to one side with the finished tail.
  4. With help from an adult, cut 2 triangles at the end of one of the white cardboard tubes. Make sure not to cut the triangles out completely so that they can then be flipped up. Glue the 10cm pieces of wool behind the ears. Leave some wool strands to one side for later. Stick 2 self-adhesive wiggle eyes below the ears. Put the head to one side to dry.
  5. Get 4 pairs of matching coloured jumbo beads. Stick 2 beads of the same colour together to make 4 hooves. Then stick to the concertina legs and attach the finished legs to the body. Leave to dry.
  6. Stick the golden shell between the ears of the unicorn with glue. Arrange more short wool strands around the base of the unicorn horn. Use glue to stick the wool tail to the inside of the tube with legs.
  7. Glue the ends of the purple sticks and stick them together to create two longer purple sticks. Wait for the sticks to become tacky and apply more glue at the centre of one of the new long sticks. Press the two long sticks together to form a cross and leave to dry.
  8. Stick the last concertina piece to the top front of the white body tube. When it dries glue the other end of the concertina and attach it to the bottom back of the head. Leave the finished unicorn to dry fully.
  9. Measure out 2 lengths of wool. One should be 30cm and the other 20cm. Glue the 20cm piece to the back of the unicorn horn. Then glue the 30cm length to the back of the unicorn (just above the tail). Once the wool strings are dry stick them to both sides of the purple cross. Leave to dry fully before playing.
Rainbow Unicorn Marionette Rainbow Unicorn Marionette Rainbow Unicorn Marionette

Top Tip

To keep crafts in place as they dry, secure with paper clips or various hair clips. This will make sure glued down details will stay in place and won’t need to be held in place for the length of drying time required.