Rainbow Pom Pom Keyring

Add a burst of colour and fun to your rucksack, keys or pencil case with this easy to make jumbo rainbow pom pom keyring

Rainbow Pom Pom Keyring

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of wool roughly 20cm long and put to the side. This will be used to tie the pom pom together.
  2. To make the pom pom, open up the large purple pom pom maker and wrap some brightly coloured wool around both semi-circles. It is important that the piece of wool is wrapped along the whole pom pom maker leaving lots of gaps so that there is room for the other wool colours, as shown.
  3. Repeat this step with lots of different bright colours of wool until both semi circles are fully covered. The more layers added the bigger and fluffier the pom pom will be.
  4. Close the pom pom maker and cut the wool down the gap through the middle of the pom pom maker.
  5. Using the 20cm long piece of wool set aside earlier, tie it tightly in the gap where you cut through the middle of the pom pom maker to secure the pom pom with a double knot.
  6. Remove the pom pom maker to reveal your pom pom. Take a split metal ring and attach it to the tied piece of wool in the middle of the pom pom that holds it together.
  7. Trim around the edges of the pom pom to make a neat spherical shape.
  8. Take a metal belt clip keychain and attach that to the split metal ring.
Rainbow Pom Pom Keyring Rainbow Pom Pom Keyring Rainbow Pom Pom Keyring

Top Tip

Although a pom pom maker is the easiest way to make this project, you can still make the rainbow pom pom keyring using the traditional cardboard method.

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