Qur’an Bookmarks

Painting colours onto wet paper creates a stunning variety of blended sky and sunset effects for these special bookmarks.

Qur’an Bookmarks

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

2 hours + drying time for paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

    1. Put some paint or coloured ink colours into a mixing tray. If you use paint, it needs to be a fairly runny consistency. Brush clean water over a piece of white card then quickly paint some colours on top. Use a different brush for each colour. Work quickly so the colours merge together before they start to dry. Dab off any excess water from the surface with a paper towel. Leave to dry.
    2. Measure and cut out a black card strip 18cm x 5cm for the bookmark background. Cut out a 4cm x 18cm strip from the painted coloured card, trim the ends into points (or cut a different shape) then glue it onto the black background. Add small offcuts, triangles, moons or other shapes as decoration.
    3. Cut out a simple silhouette shapes for a mosque, minaret or a lantern from black card. Glue them onto the bookmark with small coloured pieces for windows and other details.
    4. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark then tie a tassel or pieces of ribbon through the hole.
      To make a tassel, wrap 1 metre of wool around 3-4 fingers into loops, slide them off your fingers then tie the end of a 30cm length of wool around the loops to hold them together. Cut across the side of the loops, hold the wool strands together then tie another piece of wool about 1cm from the end for the top of the tassel. Wrap a short piece of ribbon around the top of the tassel then stick the ends with glue. Press the ribbon until it stays in place or wrap an elastic band over the top to hold the ribbon in place. Trim the tassel ends if they are uneven. Tie the long piece of wool attached to the tassel through the hole in the bookmark.
Qur’an Bookmarks Qur’an Bookmarks Qur’an Bookmarks

Top Tip

Leave enough length on the tassel cord or ribbon so it can be hung over the top of your book to mark the page.

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