Pudsey Notebook

Add Pudsey to your stationery collection with this fun notebook craft project.

Pudsey Notebook

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Download the template, print it onto A4 paper and cut out the individual pieces. Make sure you keep them separated so you know which one is which.
  2. Cover the front of the notebook in double-sided tape, especially around the edges. Then take a sheet of yellow card and stick it to the front page, making sure the edges are all lined up.
  3. Turn the notebook over and cover the back in double-sided tape. Then fold the yellow card round and stick the other side of it to the back.
  4. Trace the ear shapes onto a sheet of yellow self-adhesive foam and cut them out. Pull off about half of the backing and stick to the two top corners of the notebook.
  5. Trace the eye bandana template onto a sheet of white self-adhesive foam and cut it out. Then stick it to the top of the notebook. Cut out small circles from red, green, blue and yellow self-adhesive foam and use them to create the spots on the bandana.
  6. Cut out the eye, nose and mouth shapes from a sheet of black self-adhesive foam and stick them to the front of the notebook. Then cut out a small circle from white self-adhesive foam and stick it to the eye to create the eye highlight.
Pudsey Notebook Pudsey Notebook Pudsey Notebook

Top Tip

If you struggle to cover the notebook with one sheet of yellow card, stick two sheets together lengthways and then trim to size.



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