Pop Up Chick

A cheeky, pop-up chick on a stick!

Pop Up Chick

Skill Level

Intermediate - Adult Supervision Required

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Choose three sheets of self-adhesive foam in bright, spring colours and cut three long, thin isosceles triangles from each colour. The triangles need to be 13.5cm long and 1.5cm wide at the base.
  2. Roll up the cardboard cone from the pack and secure with sticky tape. Fix the foam triangles to the sides of the cone, alternating the colours.
  3. Cut some strips of yellow self-adhesive foam about 1cm wide and wrap these around the base and top of the cone to decorate and neaten the edge. Glue some gold sequins either side of the yellow strips to decorate.
  4. Cut two chick shapes, using the template, from yellow self-adhesive foam and two wings from plain orange foam. Remove the backing paper from one chick shape and lay the stick down the middle.
  5. Fix the wings to each side of the body before covering the stick and body with the other self-adhesive chick shape. Stick on wiggle eyes and a foam beak and decorate the wings with more sequins.
  6. Push the stick down through the hole in the base of the cone so the chick can pop up.

Top Tip

This makes a great toy for amusing a young child.



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