Pop Stick Pirates

These pop stick pirate characters are great fun to make and fun to play with.  Ahoy Matey!

Pop Stick Pirates

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 minutes per pirate

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a circle shape out of a piece of foam, then cut an identical shape out of a sheet of skin tone paper and stick it to the top of the foam using double sided tape.
  2. Cut out the shape of hair and/or a beard from either brown, black, yellow or orange foam, and stick it to the face shape.
  3. Use a black pen to draw an eye patch and a smile, and add a wiggle eye to the other side.
  4. Take a sheet of black foam and cut out the shape of a pirate hat. Then use a white pen to draw a skull and cross. You can also make a bandana from any colour instead. Then stick the hat to the top of the face.
  5. Take a coloured wooden stick and then choose a sheet of contrasting paper. Wrap the paper around half of the stick and stick it in place using double sided tape.
  6. Stick the pirate’s head to the top of the wooden stick.
Pop Stick Pirates Pop Stick Pirates Pop Stick Pirates

Top Tip

Make as may different pirates as you want by mixing and matching the colours.