Pirate Treasure Slime

This DIY slimy treasure is the perfect craft idea for pirate fans. Pull apart the golden slime to find all the different gems and treasure hidden inside.

Pirate Treasure Slime

Skill Level


Time to Make

20 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed

Yes - The slime is formed by a chemical reaction between the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) in the glue and the borate ion from the boric acid in the contact lens solution. We therefore recommend that the recipe is not altered, as the chemical reaction needs these ingredients to work. Please make sure that the making of the slime is supervised by an Adult. After making / playing with the slime we recommend that hands are thoroughly washed. This Slime is not edible. If your child has any allergies, please make sure you check the ingredients of each of the components. If any signs of reaction appears on the skin, please wash thoroughly and stop use immediately. If in doubt, please seek medical advice.

How to Make

  1. Pour an entire bottle of clear PVA glue into the mixing bowl. Then add two drops of yellow, and one drop of orange food colouring into the glue and mix thoroughly.
  2. Add a teaspoon of baking soda and mix the mixture again. Then add approximately one tablespoon of contact lens solution to the bowl.
  3. Mix the contact lens solution into the glue mixture, then add a little more and mix again. Continue mixing in contact lens solution into the bowl until the mixture turns into slime and begins to come away from the bowl.
  4. Lay the slime onto a flat surface, then pour some gold glitter over it. Mix the glitter into the slime, then add some more.
  5. Push some acrylic gems into the slime and mix it together.
  6. Use a white deco pen to draw a skull and crossbones onto the top of the lid of the jar. Then add the treasure slime into the jar.
Pirate Treasure Slime Pirate Treasure Slime Pirate Treasure Slime

Top Tip

If the slime is sticking to your hands, add a little more contact lens solution to it.

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