Pirate Stress Balls

Quick and easy to make and great for sensory play, these Pirate stress balls are super fun to play with, and you can create as many different Pirate characters as you want.

Pirate Stress Balls

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 minutes per ball

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Place a funnel into the top of an empty bottle, then carefully pour some flour into the bottle until there is more than enough to fill a balloon.
  2. Blow up a yellow balloon, then stretch the top of a it over the top of the bottle, then turn it upside down and shake the bottle until all of the flour has entered the balloon.
  3. Remove the balloon from the bottle, and slowly let the air out until it is just flour left inside. Then tightly tie the neck of the balloon.
  4. Turn the balloon on its side, with the knot to one side. Then use a coloured decor pen to draw a pirate headscarf to the top, with the knot becoming the tie for the headscarf. Colour the whole headscarf in as well as the knot.
  5. Use a black decor pen to draw on the pirates eyepatch and face.
Pirate Stress Balls Pirate Stress Balls Pirate Stress Balls

Top Tip

Make sure you hold the balloon onto the bottle when shaking to prevent the flour escaping.

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