Pirate Spoon Pals

These Pirate wooden spoon pals are easy to make and great fun to play with. They can be used as puppets, toys and even decorations for your room.

Pirate Spoon Pals

Skill Level


Time to Make

35 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a shirt shape out of a sheet of red self-adhesive felt. On the front of the shirt draw some gold button decorations with a yellow deco pen.
  2. Add a belt to the red shirt using black and yellow self-adhesive felt. Then stick the shirt to the front of the wooden spoon.
  3. Cut out the shape of a pair of shorts from the black felt and stick them to the spoon underneath the red shirt.
  4. Turn a sheet of brown felt upside down and trace around the top of the spoon. Then cut out a beard shape that is the same width as the spoon and stick it onto the spoon.
  5. Cut out a pirate hat shape from the black felt, then use a white deco pen to draw a skull and crossbones to the front of it. Then peel of the backing from the lower part of the hat and stick it to the very top of the spoon.
  6. Create the pirates face by sticking wiggle eyes onto the spoon and using a black deco pen to draw a mouth.
Pirate Spoon Pals Pirate Spoon Pals Pirate Spoon Pals

Top Tip

To prevent the back of the clothes from being sticky, only remove the centre of the backing sheet, about a centimetre wide, leaving the rest of the backing on the felt.

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