Picket Fence Flower Pot

Keep your flowers in a mini garden surrounded by a white picket fence made from wooden craft sticks.

Picket Fence Flower Pot

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 mins

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Lay out five wooden craft sticks next to each other, about 2cm apart. Put a strip of double sided tape onto another craft stick and then stick across the other five. Repeat this with another stick slightly higher up, creating a fence shape. Make three more of these.
  2. Paint the four fences that you have made with white paint and leave to dry. Make sure you paint both sides of the fence.
  3. Cut two squares out of green foam sheets and stick one on top of the other with double sided tape. Hold one fence on the edge of the foam square and mark where the bottom of the sticks are. Carefully cut slits in the foam in these places. Repeat on the other sides of the square with the other fences.
  4. Pick up a fence and push the ends of the sticks into the slits in the green foam so that it stands up on its own. Repeat with the other three fences. Then tape the sticks together on the inside where they meet at the corners.
  5. Cut the top off of a flowerpot to make it slightly shorter, and then place in the middle of the fences. Surround the pot with green shredded tissue. Then cut flower shapes out of pink and purple, cut yellow circles for the centres of the flowers and green stems and then stick to the sides of the picket fence.
Picket Fence Flower Pot Picket Fence Flower Pot Picket Fence Flower Pot

Top Tip

Paint the craft sticks with a few coats of white paint to make them really stand out.