Penguin Pal

Kids will have great fun creating this little penguin pal from a recycled cardboard tube as a fun decoration for Christmas.

Penguin Pal

Skill Level


Time to Make

40 Minutes (+Drying Time)

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Draw a long oval on one side of the cardboard tube. Make sure the oval stops just before the ends of the tube. Colour the oval white with a deco pen. Make sure the deco paint has dried, and colour in the rest of the tube (and around the oval) using a black deco paint pen.
  2. Whilst the tube is drying colour a medium sized polystyrene ball with a black pen. Spread a small amount of glue around the edge of one ends of the cardboard tube and stick on the black polystyrene ball. Leave to dry.
  3. On orange foam draw 2 flippers with 3 toes. Also draw 2 triangles that are the same size. Cut these shapes out. Stick the flippers to the bottom of the cardboard tube. Apply a small amount of glue to the short edge of the foam triangles and stick them together. Make sure they’re stuck at an angle to form a 3D beak shape. Hold the two pieces together as they dry or are stiff enough to keep their shape without needing to be held. Stick the beak to the top middle of the tube, above the white oval. Leave the whole model to dry.
  4. Peel off the backs of 2 self-adhesive wiggle-eyes and stick them above the beak of the penguin.
  5. On black foam draw two long and thin ovals, making sure they are similar in size and shape. Cut the shapes out and stick them to the penguin on both sides of the tube. Hold them in place as they dry.
  6. Cut a ring off the end of an unpainted cardboard tube that is roughly 1cm wide. Make sure not to cut into the ring. Cut a large handful or red wool strands that are 30cm long. Take one of the strands and fold it in half, forming a loop at one end. Take the looped end and tuck it behind the edge of the cardboard ring. Thread the other end around the cardboard and through the wool loop and pull it tight. Repeat this and tie the wool around the cardboard ring. Make sure all the loose strands of wool are on one side of the ring and cut more strands if needed. Cut another piece of wool that is roughly 15cm long and tie it around the loose wool strands. Cut the loose ends so that the bunch forms a pom pom shape. Stick the finished hat to the top of the polystyrene ball.
  7. Draw and cut out a strip of felt that is 30cm long and 2cm wide. Glue 5 lengths of red wool to both ends of the felt and leave to dry. Then wrap the felt around the top of the cardboard tube, just above the tops of the black flippers. Use glue to secure the scarf at the front and hold it in place as it dries.
Penguin Pal Penguin Pal Penguin Pal

Top Tip

To keep the polystyrene ball still whilst colouring, stick it onto the end of a pencil with Blue Tack.