Peg Spelling Game

Find new ways to get to grips with writing and spelling can be tricky but this creative game uses pegs to mix it up!

Peg Spelling Game

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take 26 pegs and write one letter of the alphabet on each, on one side, at the bottom, as shown. Start with capital letters and make sure the word is clear and in a colour that stands out so avoid white or yellow.
  2. Then, cut a selection of rectangular word cards. These can be different sizes for different-sized words, bear in mind you need to fit a peg onto a card for each letter of each word.
  3. Once you’ve cut them out, draw a horizontal line across the card [the same width as the side of the peg that the letter is written on] for each letter. So you might have cards with two lines, three lines, four lines, as many as you like. The idea is pegs are clamped to the card to line up with the dash, and will spell out a word.

Top Tip

Some of the pegs may have a slightly rough surface so use a little square of sandpaper to smooth it down if so before you start writing to make it easier and clearer

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