Peacock Pop-up Card

Create a sparkly pop-up card with a good luck greeting to celebrate Diwali. 

Peacock Pop-up Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To paint the wooden flower decorations, stick a strip of double-sided tape onto a piece of paper, peel off the backing strips, then lightly place the flowers on top. Brush paint over the flowers and leave to dry.
  2. To make the background, fold a piece of A4 glitter card in half then open it out flat with the glitter side up. Glue a smaller piece of glitter card, (18cm x 13cm) in a different colour onto one half of the card.
  3. Fold the background card in half with the white side facing up. To make a pop-up strip measure 2 x 3cm parallel lines in the middle of the folded edge, 3cm apart. Cut along both lines then fold the strip upwards. Open out the background, lifting out the strip so it folds up at right angles in the middle of the card.
  4. To make the peacock’s tail, place a green paper doily onto a piece of blue card. Draw around half the curved edge of the doily to make a curvy semi-circle shape. Cut out the card shape.
  5. Carefully cut off the thin curved border from the doily and the smaller scalloped middle section then glue both pieces onto the tail. Cut out gold glitter card shapes for the feathers then glue onto the tail with sparkly gems to decorate.
  6. Draw a simple body shape for the peacock onto the reverse side of some dark blue glitter card then cut it out. Cut a small white card triangle from the reverse side of glitter card for beak then stick it to the peacock’s head with a wiggle eye. Glue the peacock’s body onto the tail, with the bottom of the body positioned at the bottom of the tail, or just above it. If the body overhangs the tail, the card won’t fold properly.
    Cut the tail into curves on both sides.
  7. Glue the finished peacock to the folded middle strip on the card so it stands up. Before the glue fully dries, check the card open and closes with the peacock in place.
    Decorate the background card with a message in glitter letters and painted wooden flowers around the edge.
Peacock Pop-up Card Peacock Pop-up Card Peacock Pop-up Card

Top Tip

To remove the mini wooden flowers from the double-sided tape after the paint has dried, carefully lift the edges with your fingers. If the flowers feel stuck or start to bend, carefully lift them up with the end of a flat modelling tool so they don’t break.

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