Patchwork Dinosaur

Build a 3-D dinosaur model then decorate it with a Decoupatch papers. Try using different combinations of patterned papers for a stunning and colourful dino design!

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time for Mod Roc + Varnish

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a 50cm length of aluminium wire. Bend it in half into a double thickness, stick a piece of masking tape to cover the sharp ends then twist the wire all the way down.
  2. Twist a plastic carrier bag around the wire. Stick the ends of the bag with masking tape.
  3. Twist a sheet of newspaper around the middle of the wire for the dinosaur’s body. Stick the newspaper down with masking tape. Use more masking tape to help pull the newspaper into shape.
  4. Tape 4 pointed sections from egg cartons onto the dinosaur’s body for the legs.
  5. Cut off some pieces of Mod Roc from the roll, about 15cm in length. You’ll need about 8 pieces to cover the body.
  6. Dip the pieces of Mod Roc into water so the plaster is completely soaked. Squeeze out some of the water then layer the Mod Roc over the body. Smooth the Mod Roc with your fingers. Leave to dry.
  7. Cut or tear some small pieces of patterned Decoupatch papers. Working on a small area at a time, brush varnish onto the dinosaur and paste the patterned papers down, smoothing them with your brush. Leave to dry.
  8. Check the whole dinosaur is covered with patterned paper the leave to dry. Glue wiggle eyes to the head.

Top Tip

Tear or cut up small pieces of Decoupatch paper before you start sticking. It’s easier if the pieces are sorted into piles of different colours, so they’re ready to use.

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