Pastel Rainbow Slime

The pastel shades of this rainbow slime is the perfect fun craft for kids to make during spring and summer.

Pastel Rainbow Slime

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed.

Time to Make

25 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed

Yes - The slime is formed by a chemical reaction between the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) in the glue and the borate ion from the boric acid in the contact lens solution. We therefore recommend that the recipe is not altered, as the chemical reaction needs these ingredients to work. Please make sure that the making of the slime is supervised by an Adult. After making / playing with the slime we recommend that hands are thoroughly washed. This Slime is not edible. If your child has any allergies, please make sure you check the ingredients of each of the components. If any signs of reaction appears on the skin, please wash thoroughly and stop use immediately. If in doubt, please seek medical advice.

How to Make

  1. Pour approximately eight tablespoons of PVA glue into your bowl. Add a small drop of pink food colouring and stir with the spoon until the colour is fully mixed in. The less food colouring you use, the lighter the shade of pink will be.
  2. Squirt some shaving foam into your mixture, approximately half the amount of the glue, and mix it in with the spoon. Then add a teaspoon of baking soda and mix it again until it is smooth.
  3. Add one tablespoon of contact lens solution to your mixture and stir. Your mixture should begin to stick together. Continue to add more contact lens solution until the slime is no longer sticking to the bowl.
  4. Take the slime out of the bowl and knead and stretch it with your hands until it is no longer sticky, adding more contact lens solution if necessary.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 three more times to create purple, yellow and blue slime.
  6. Lay out the four slimes onto a flat surface and twist them together to create the rainbow effect.
Pastel Rainbow Slime Pastel Rainbow Slime Pastel Rainbow Slime

Top Tip

Don't twist the slime too much otherwise the colours will begin to blend together. Also store your handmade slime in a sealed container such as a jar.

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