Pastel Penguins Cards

A folded card with pastel colours gives a subtle effect to this snowy scene with cheerful penguin cut outs.

Pastel Penguins Cards

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make a template for the penguins, fold a piece of 8cm x 8cm card in half, draw half an oval, about 7cm in length, then cut it out. Open the card into a symmetrical oval shape. Choose 3 pastel card colours, or use brighter colours if you prefer. Draw around the card template to make 3 body shapes for the penguins then cut them out.
  2. Stack 3 small pieces of white card together then cut out 3 pieces for the middles of the bodies at the same time. Glue the white card shapes onto the bodies with a glue stick, trimming around the lower edges if necessary.
  3. Cut 2 wings, a beak and 2 feet for each penguin and glue them onto the bodies. Use a cocktail stick to apply glue to the back of small wiggle eyes and position them above the beaks. Leave to dry.
  4. For the tops of the hats, cut 3 x half-oval shapes from coloured card. Cut 3 matching thin card strips, 1cm x 7cm. To assemble a hat, glue one of the strips to the front of a hat shape, fold it over at the sides then glue just the ends of the strips together on the back, (so it’s not stuck down to the back of the hat). Glue a pompom on the top and leave to dry. Add card strips and pompoms to the other 2 hats. Slot the folded card strips over the top of the penguins with a small amount of glue on each one to hold them in place.
  5. To make a folded background for the penguins, cut a piece of white card (or use another colour) 13cm x 20cm. With the longer (20cm) edge positioned horizontally, use a pencil to mark 2 points, 6cms down from the top. Score across the card between the pencil marks to make a strip. Turn the card over and score another strip 3cms from the bottom edge. Make creases along both the score lines. This should make a zigzag card with a 4cm strip in the middle section.
  6. Cut the top edge into a zigzag shape then glue pale blue card strips onto the folded card sections. Glue the penguins onto the front of the card so they stand up.
Pastel Penguins Cards Pastel Penguins Cards Pastel Penguins Cards

Top Tip

For a 3D effect, glue a small piece of thick card on the back of each penguin, just above the feet, then glue onto the background so they are slightly raised up.