Papier-mâché Owls

Create your very own pet Owl. A great rainy day activity for kids

Papier-mâché Owls

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Form the base of your animal by either blowing up a balloon to the desired size (for a round owl) or use a toilet roll, masking tape and card to form more complex shapes..
  2. Papier mâché your base by covering it in layers of newsprint paper strips and glue. Apply 3 layers at a time and allow to dry thoroughly between layers. Around 9 layers should make a really solid piece.
  3. Now the fun bit – decorating your owl! Do this by painting a base layer of colour all over. Once dried, use pencil to mark out the features. Use Deco pens to decorate your owl.
Papier-mâché Owls Papier-mâché Owls Papier-mâché Owls

Top Tip

Keep your glue mix on the thicker side - a lot like double cream. Don't use too much glue or it will take a very long time to dry!