Paper Plate Shark

Kids will have great fun making these snappy Shark paper plates!

Paper Plate Shark

Skill Level

Easy, adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a black paper plate and fold it in half, so the black side is on the outside. Next take some red acrylic paint and apply two coats of paint to the inside. Leave to dry.
  2. With some black self-adhesive foam cut out a shark fin. Then using this shape as a template, flip the fin over and cut out an identical piece, so you have two fin shapes.
  3. Starting from the top of the fin down, peel the backing off from the self-adhesive foam and stick the two fin pieces together, making sure that you have left about 2cm of backing attached to the bottom of both foam pieces. Next peel the remaining 2cm of backing off the foam and instead of sticking these together, separate the two pieces outwards so you form two flaps, and stick directly onto the top of the paper plate.
  4. Cut out some eyes from white and black foam and peel the backing off the self- adhesive foam, then stick these onto the paper plate, either side of the sharks fin.
  5. With some non self-adhesive white foam, cut out two long rows of shark teeth about 3cm in width.
  6. Using some super tacky glue, apply a small amount the whole way across the top of the shark teeth, on the flat side. Then carefully stick this in place along the edge of the top and bottom parts of the paper plate. Leave to dry.
Paper Plate Shark Paper Plate Shark Paper Plate Shark

Top Tip

Use the large and small plates to make sharks of different sizes.

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