Paper Plate Cat Clock

Make learning to tell the time a fun activity by creating this cat clock with moving hands.

Paper Plate Cat Clock

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using a pencil, draw around the lid of a glue stick or similar sized circular object onto a sheet of yellow foam. Repeat until you have drawn 12 small circles. Then number them 1-12 using a dark coloured marker pen.
  2. To help place the numbered circles evenly around the clock face, stick the No.12 at the top centre of the plate as shown inside the dimpled edge with a glue dot. Follow by sticking No.6 bottom centre, No.3 right-hand centre and No.9 left-hand centre. Then fill in the other numbers.
  3. To make the clock hands, draw an arrow roughly 1cm (W) by 6.5cm (L) onto a sheet of green foam. Then draw another arrow roughly 1cm (W) by 4.5cm (L) onto the same sheet of green foam.
  4. Cut out both arrows and attach the ends together by placing the arrows on top of each other and then putting a paper fastener pin through them both at the bottom. Don’t open the paper fastener pin yet.
  5. Mark the centre of the paper plate circle using a pencil. Pierce the paper fastener attached to the arrows through the middle of the paper plate and open up the fastener at the back to secure in place.
  6. Using a dark coloured pen, draw a thick line roughly 3cm long pointing to each number around the dimpled edge of the plate.
  7. Between these thick lines, draw 4 short thin lines to mark the seconds around the clock. The clock will be the cat’s body.
  8. Draw 2 rounded triangles for the cat’s ears onto a sheet of orange foam. Cut these out and stick them to the back of the small orange paper plate using glue dots. Cut out a small round circle of pink foam for the nose, and stick in place with a glue dot.
  9. Using a smaller paper plate for the cat’s head, stick on 2 jumbo wiggle eyes. Using a black marker pen, draw a mouth and whiskers, and 3 triangle stripes between the ears.
  10. Draw a wiggly cat’s tail onto orange foam, cut out. Draw some triangle stripes and stick to the right-hand side of the cat clock body with glue dots.
  11. Attach the cat’s head to the top of the clock body by sticking the cat’s chin slightly underneath the larger paper plate using glue dots.
Paper Plate Cat Clock Paper Plate Cat Clock Paper Plate Cat Clock

Top Tip

Children will have even more fun if the colour of the clock is based on their pet cat's colour and markings.

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