Papier-mâché Space Helmet

Blast off into the galaxy with this amazing astronaut space helmet, perfect for costume parties or make-believe play!

Papier-mâché Space Helmet

Skill Level

Medium - Hard

Time to Make

1 hour plus drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mix up a glue solution of 1/3 PVA to water.
  2. Blow up your balloon and be sure to make it big enough to fit on a head.
  3. Rip your white paper or newspaper into strips and begin to place them all over the balloon with a layer of glue in between. Continue over the entire balloon (leaving a hole at the bottom). You will need at least 5 layers but the more you do the stronger it will be.
  4. Leave this to dry overnight.
  5. Once completely dry pop the balloon and carefully remove it from the inside of your paper mache shell.
  6. Cut the hole at the bottom wider so that you can easily put your head in and out.
  7. Use the template to cut a window out of the front.
  8. Paint the helmet white and allow to dry.
  9. Next, stick on the jam jar lids to each side of the helmet and stick on the printable logos. Use coloured paper and buttons to make the space helmet decorations. These can all be stuck on with super tacky glue.
  10. To make the oxygen pipe, cut two strips of A4 paper about a ruler width and stick them together at the bottom in a right angle. Now fold over alternately till you get to the top then glue.
  11. Let all the glue dry completely before wearing the helmet.
Papier-mâché Space Helmet Papier-mâché Space Helmet Papier-mâché Space Helmet

Top Tip

If you are using newspaper mix some white paint in with your glue.