Paint Pouring Christmas Bauble

Using the Paint Pouring method, create wonderful unique baubles in traditional festive colours to hang on your Christmas tree.

Paint Pouring Christmas Bauble

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes plus drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Remove the ribbon from the ceramic bauble and thread a long piece of jute twine through the hole using a needle.
  2. Tie the jute twine in a knot and hang up the bauble over a prepared surface.
  3. Choose your colours. We used gold, red, green and white.
  4. Holding the bauble steady with one hand at the base, start pouring on the colours di-rectly from the bottle. Pour from the top of the bauble. It’s ok if it goes over the twine.
  5. Keep alternating the colours, allowing them to move down the sides of the bauble, until the bauble is covered.
  6. Use a straw or some rolled up paper to blow through and direct the movement of your paint if you require.
  7. When enough paint has been poured onto the bauble, the bottom may look messy, but there is no need to touch this or try to neaten it up as it will even itself out while drying.
  8. Allow to dry overnight.
  9. Add varnish and glitter if desired.
  10. Once dry, remove the jute twine and rethread the ribbon.
  11. Add embellishments to your bauble if desired.
Paint Pouring Christmas Bauble Paint Pouring Christmas Bauble Paint Pouring Christmas Bauble

Top Tip

Prepare a place to hang the bauble and a surface ready to catch the drips. Have some napkins ready to wipe messy hands.