Ox Fortune Teller

Transform an origami fortune teller into an Ox to celebrate this Chinese New Year!

Ox Fortune Teller

Skill Level


Time to Make

25 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of brown paper and fold it diagonally to make a square, then cut the remaining end of the paper off.
  2. Fold the paper square in half, then open it and fold it in half the other way. Then fold each corner into the centre point.
  3. Turn the paper over, then fold each corner into the centre point again.
  4. Fold it in half to make a rectangle, and put a finger/thumb in each of the pockets and carefully open it into a fortune teller.
  5. Cut two ear shapes out of the same shade of brown paper and two slightly smaller inner ear shapes out of a lighter shade of paper. Use double sided tape to stick the inner shapes to the ears, and then stick the ears to the top two corners of the fortune teller.
  6. Cut two horn shapes out of one of the lighter shades of paper, and stick them to the top two sections of the fortune teller, just above the ears, using double sided tape.
  7. Stick a wiggle eye to each of the top two sections of the fortune teller. Then use a black pen to draw two nostrils underneath.
  8. If you want to make the Ox into a working fortune teller, use a black pen to write a number into each inner section, and write a fortune under each flap.
Ox Fortune Teller Ox Fortune Teller Ox Fortune Teller

Top Tip

Make sure you crease the folds to help the fortune teller hold its shape.

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