Owl Frame

Wise and watchful, this owl frame will brighten up the dullest corner

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Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision


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Owl Frame
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Top Tip

Why not make other Animals frames? Draw out your favourite Animals as a template remembering to leave space for the aperture.

How to Make

Step 1

Owl Frame

Step 2

Owl Frame

Step 3

Owl Frame

  1. Use pale acrylic paint to cover the front of a large photo frame, then leave to dry. Use our template to cut out the bottom of the owl from pink sticky foam and fix to the base of the frame, leaving the aperture clear. Cut out six small orange talons and stick in place.
  2. Cut out two green wings from sticky foam, making sure they are a mirror image of each other. Cut lots of small triangles from paler green sticky foam and place these on each wing in a feather pattern. Place the wings on either side of the frame's aperture, above the base.
  3. Cut out two 5cm diameter circles of orange sticky foam. Cut several very thin strips of purple foam and use these to make a spoke pattern on the circles, trimming neatly. Cover the centre of the spoke with a smaller yellow circle and add a wiggle-eye to the middle.
  4. Cut a blue head piece and add the completed eyes to it, along with a red beak. Fix the head to the top of the frame. Add lots of dots and spots to the owl using 3D metallic pens in coordinating colours and leave to dry.