3D Paper Shamrock

Create this 3D paper shamrock hanging decoration to decorate your home for St Patrick’s Day.

3D Paper Shamrock

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

20 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. For the shamrock leaves, cut 4 strips of dark green card the length of the A4 card by 3cm.
  2. For the inner shamrock shape, cut 4 strips of light green card (20cm by 3cm).
  3. For both the longer and shorter strips fold each of them in half, then bring both ends together and stick with double-sided tape to form a heart shape. You should end up with 4 large hearts and 4 smaller hearts.
  4. Stick the small, light green hearts inside the larger dark green hearts with double-sided tape.
  5. For the stalk, cut one strip from dark green card and one strip from light green card (16cm by 3 cm).
  6. Measure 1cm from one end of the strip and fold along the mark that you have created, do this for both strips. Then stick the top of the stalk together and the flaps together.
  7. Squirt PVA glue onto a spare piece of card or tray and dip the edges of the shamrock leaves and stalk in the PVA glue.
  8. Sprinkle green glitter on a spare piece of card or paper and dip the glued edges in the green glitter.
  9. When the glue is dry, assemble the shamrock by sticking the stalk between two shamrock leaves, and then stick the remaining shamrock leaves on top.
  10. Lastly, cut a length of green ribbon and loop it around the two shamrock leaves at the top and tie a knot.
  11. To create a slight curl in the stalk you can roll the end towards the shamrock leaves.
3D Paper Shamrock 3D Paper Shamrock 3D Paper Shamrock

Top Tip

You can create a slight bend in the stalk by rolling the end of the stalk towards the shamrock leaves.