Pasta Shapes Easter Egg Decorations

These painted pasta shapes Easter egg decorations are a fun way to get creative this Easter.

Skill Level

Easy, adult supervision needed

Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time for paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Download and print off the template provided then cut out the individual shapes.
  2. Draw around the egg template onto some yellow foam then draw around the middle and two end templates onto some purple and orange foam. Cut out all the pieces with scissors.
  3. Stick the middle and two end shapes to the egg using glue. Cut to length some orange and purple ribbon and stick these in place using glue.
  4. Take some different shaped dried pasta and paint using yellow and purple acrylic paint. Leave to dry. Apply a second coat of paint. Leave to dry. Position the pasta to where you would like them to go on the egg and then stick down using glue. Leave to dry.
  5. Tie a bow from some purple ribbon and stick to the top of the egg using glue.
  6. Cut a length of ribbon approximately 20cm in length, tie into a loop and attach to the back of the decoration using some tape.

Top Tip

To ensure an even coverage of paint, apply a few coats of acrylic paint to the dried pasta.



What you'll need





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Items you'll also need

  • Dried Pasta (in different shapes)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape