New Year’s Eve Star Boppers

Upcycle an old headband and add some sparkle and fun to your New Year’s Eve party wearing this star bopper show-stopper.

New Year’s Eve Star Boppers

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Fasten one end of gold ribbon to the inside of the headband using double sided tape, and wrap the ribbon around the headband, overlapping slightly as you go around.
  2. Fasten on the inside of the other end using double sided tape and snip off with scissors.
  3. Repeat the thin silver ribbon, with more widely spaced wrapping to give a nice striped effect.
  4. Fold three gold tinsel pipe-cleaners in half and twist around the headband.
  5. Twist the ends around a pencil to make them curly.
  6. Twist the two silver tinsel pipe-cleaners around the pencil and attach to the headband in between the gold.
  7. Peel the back off of two gold glitter stars and sandwich them around the tip of a silver pipe-cleaner. Repeat with the other silver pipe-cleaner.
  8. Peel the back off the medium silver star stickers and sandwich them around 3 of the gold tinsel pipe-cleaners.
New Year’s Eve Star Boppers New Year’s Eve Star Boppers New Year’s Eve Star Boppers

Top Tip

The ribbon length will twist up as you’re using it, so stop to untwist it regularly to make it easier to handle.

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