Nativity Stable

Create a special 3D nativity model, which can be displayed every year as a Christmas centrepiece.

Nativity Stable

Skill Level

Intermediate. Adult supervision needed.

Time to Make

2.5 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges on the wooden bird feeder pieces. Slot the 2 sides and front sections onto the base.
  2. Cut off 2cm from the ends of 4 craft sticks to fit along the top of the roof. Cut the ends into angles so the sticks fit together in the middle.
    Cut 2 craft sticks to fit down the sides of the house and 3 shorter pieces to make a window frame. Check the ends fit neatly together, cut or sand the angled ends if they need adjusting then glue into place. Don’t cover the slots near the base.
  3. Paint the house and base in a dark brown, or use another colour if you prefer. Paint
    dark blue inside the window frame then leave to dry. Brush a lighter colour paint
    over the base and house shape to make a wood effect.
    Paint a night time scene with stars in the window.
  4. Use the middle section from a craft matchbox to make the crib. Cut a craft stick into 4 pieces, sand the ends then glue onto the sides of the matchbox as legs. Leave the glue to dry then paint the crib.
  5. To make Mary and Joseph, paint the heads of 2 wooden people in a flesh colour. Leave to dry then paint the bodies in bright colours. Leave to dry.
    To make headbands, cut 1cm x 6cm self-adhesive felt strips, peel off the backing then stick the strips around the heads. Add a felt belt around Joseph’s middle.
    To make the head dresses, fold 15cm x 15cm tissue paper squares in half, brush a small amount of glue on the tops of the heads then fold the tissue on top with pleats at the sides. Stick the tissue paper to the bodies with a small amount of glue to hold the head dresses in shape.
    Paint the faces with a thin brush or thin felt pens. Add a felt beard onto Joseph.
  6. For the baby, tightly scrunch up a 15cm x 15cm pink tissue paper square into a 3cm long piece. Cut 3 x 1cm strips from the width of a white self-adhesive felt sheet. Peel off the backing papers then wrap the felt strips around the baby as swaddling. Carefully paint the baby’s eyes with a thin brush or a thin felt pen.
  7. Slot the painted base section and house shape together to make the 3D stable. If the slots feel tight, sand around the ends on the base so the pieces easily fit together.
  8. Cut some raffia with scissors to make the strands smaller. Brush glue over the base inside the stable then press the raffia on the top for the straw. Add some raffia in the crib.
  9. To make the donkey, draw a simple head and body shape (the legs won’t show) onto the backing paper of grey self-adhesive felt, Cut out the felt shape then add a black felt mane and eye with thin coloured strips for the bridle.
    Stick the donkey onto the back section of the stable.
    To make the donkey’s pen, carefully cut some wooden craft sticks into 5cm lengths to fit along a 3cm x 12cm card strip. Glue the sticks onto the card, paint brown and leave to dry. Fold the sticks at each end then glue onto the sides of the base, leaving a small gap between the strip and the stable background.
    Make a lantern from a small yellow felt rectangle with thin black felt strips then stick it onto the stable.
  10. Place the figures and crib in the stable with a glittery star on the roof.
Nativity Stable Nativity Stable Nativity Stable

Top Tip

If you prefer, leave off the front section on the base so the stable scene is more open. Try making some shepherds and an angel to add to your scene.

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