Narwhal Jewellery Holder

Create this cute Narwhal jewellery holder from modelling clay to hold your favourite rings safely and securely on its tusk!

Narwhal Jewellery Holder

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time for clay (24-48 hours) + painting

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make the Narwhal’s body, pull off a ping-pong sized piece of clay. Wrap up the remaining clay in a plastic bag so it doesn’t dry out. Roll the clay between your hands to form a round ball.
  2. On one side of the clay ball, begin pulling it outwards to create the shape of the narwhal’s body. Then flatten the end of the side you have stretched out and begin to form the Narwhal’s tail shape. Try not to squeeze the clay too hard so it stays in a smooth shape.
  3. With another small piece of clay, mould this into a long pointed shape to form the Narwhal’s tusk. Now attach this to the narwhal’s body by gently joining it to the top of the narwhal’s head. Applying a dab of water will help to make the clay pieces stick.
  4. Take two more small pieces of clay and mould these into the Narwhal’s flippers. Attach these either side of the Narwhal’s body by using a dab of water and smoothing out any join lines. Leave the clay to dry overnight, the model can take up to 48 hours before the surface is dry enough to paint.
  5. Once the clay is dry, apply two coats of paint to the body and tusk. Leave to dry. Then with a thin paintbrush and some black paint, paint the narwhal’s eyes and mouth on. Leave to dry.
  6. To add a gloss to your model, apply two coats of varnish to finish.
Narwhal Jewellery Holder Narwhal Jewellery Holder Narwhal Jewellery Holder

Top Tip

Keep a bowl of water handy while you make the model. If the surface of the narwhal starts to dry out, rub some water over the top to keep the clay smooth and easier to work with.