Mum’s Make-Up Holder

A lovely Mother’s Day gift for Mum to store all her make up in.

Mum’s Make-Up Holder

Skill Level


Time to Make

50 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take three craft pots. Trim one with the scissors so that it is slightly shorter, and trim another so that it is a little shorter than that one. Creating three pots of different heights.
  2. Stick some double sided tape on either side of a sheet of light pink paper and wrap it around the tall craft pot.
  3. Fold the remaining paper at the top down into the inside of the pot.
  4. Repeat step two and three with the other craft pots, trimming the paper first to make it slightly shorter.
  5. Find the pink foam letter stickers for ‘MUM’S MAKE UP’ and stick them to the front of the tallest craft pot.
  6. Decorate the other smaller pots with glitter flower stickers.
Mum’s Make-Up Holder Mum’s Make-Up Holder Mum’s Make-Up Holder

Top Tip

You can add as many pots as you like depending on how much make-up your mum has.

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