‘Mum’ Vases and Flowers

These DIY mum vases make a great Mother’s Day present as well as beautiful home décor.

‘Mum’ Vases and Flowers

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a pink porcelain paint pen to draw the letter ‘M’ onto a mini porcelain vase. Then draw the letters ‘U’ and ‘M’ onto two more vases.
  2. Take a blue porcelain pen and draw a wreath design around each letter on each vase. Leave the vases to dry.
  3. Cut out 2-4 pieces of purple tissue paper, each one about 6×6 inches.
  4. Lay the tissue paper on top of each other and then fold them up in a concertina fold.
  5. Wrap a green pipe cleaner, around the middle of the folded tissue paper, then wrap it around itself to create the stalk.
  6. Pull the tissue paper sheets apart to create a flower. Then make two more flowers with purple and yellow tissue paper.
  7. Place a flower in each of the three vases.
‘Mum’ Vases and Flowers ‘Mum’ Vases and Flowers ‘Mum’ Vases and Flowers

Top Tip

Make sure the vases are laying down when drying so the paint doesn't drip.

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