Mini Woodland Tea set

Bring the outdoors indoors with this rustic mini wooden tea set

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. For the teapot, take an acorn and a piece of clay the same size as the base of the acorn, and roll the clay into a ball. Press the ball firmly into the bottom of the acorn, smoothing out the surface. Take two smaller balls of clay and roll one out into a sausage, then shape it into a handle and press into one side of the acorn. Shape the second into a spout and press it onto the other side, as shown. Add a tiny ball of clay on top to create the appearance of a lid. Then, roll a small sausage of yellow clay and apply horizontally across the acorn, as shown. Leave to dry.
  2. For the tea cup, take a piece of green clay and roll into a ball. Shape the ball with your fingers so it's slightly squared, as shown, then press a finger into the top to create a dip. Roll out a tiny sausage of green clay and shape into a handle, then press into one side of the cup. Take a piece of clay, roughly half the size of the piece you used for the cup and roll into a ball. Press down on the ball with your thumb to flatten it until it is 3mm thick, then place the cup on top; you might need to smooth out any cracked edges. Finally, roll out a tiny ball of brown clay and press into the dip at the top of the cup to give the appearance of tea or coffee. Leave to dry.
  3. For the sugar bowl, take a piece of green clay that's slightly bigger than the one you used for the cup and roll into a ball. Shape the ball with your fingers so it's slightly squared, as shown. Take a piece of yellow clay, half the size of the green piece you just used, and roll into a ball. Shape the ball so that it's flat on the bottom and curved on top, smooth out the edges and surface, then press down onto the green piece. Add a tiny green ball to the top for the handle. Leave to dry.
  4. For the doughnut, roll out a sausage of orange clay, then press the ends together, forming a doughnut shape with a hole in the middle. Roll out a thin sausage of white clay and flatten on top of the doughnut to create icing, as shown. Leave to dry. Draw on the hundreds and thousands with felt pens, taking care not to press down too hard with the pen. When all of the pieces of your tea set are dry, take two circular branch offcuts and display the tea and doughnut on one, and the teapot on the other, with the sugar bowl to one side.

Top Tip

You can make extra cups and saucers, and even larger plates (using the same method as the saucer) to allow for extra tea party guests!

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