Metallic Doily Angel

Add a touch of radiance to your holiday decor with this beautiful, shimmering angel. Perfect as a tree topper or a delightful addition to your table decorations.

Metallic Doily Angel

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 45 minutes (+ drying time)

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. On a paint palate or paper plate mix a light peach shade using orange, white and pink acrylic paint. Paint the wooden doll and leave it to dry.
  2. Fold a silver doily in half and cut a semi-circle in the middle of the folded side of the doily. Unfold the doily and cut a line from the centre circle to the edge. Apply glue to the bottom of the painted wooden doll and wrap the doily around it. Pull the cut edges of the doily to the back of the doll and connect with glue to form a tight-fitting skirt.
  3. Cut equal sized triangles out of another silver doily and trim the small pointed ends so that they’re flat and horizontal to the decorative edge. Brush more glue onto the wooden doll above the doily skirt and stick the triangle pieces to the doll. Make sure the flat edges of the triangle all line up to form a straight line around the circumference of the doll.
  4. Cut a gold doily in half and pinch folds across the length of the doily to create a fan. On the white side of the doily stick the folds together with glue. Gather the fan into a point and secure it with glue to keep the shape. Repeat this on the other half of the gold doily and set to one side to dry.
  5. After the skirt from step 3 is dry, gather a small handful brown wool and trim the strands to approximately 9cm. Brush PVA over the wooden dolls head and carefully place the brown wool across the head to make hair. Make sure the hair is dry before continuing to the next step.
  6. Take a gold tinsel pipe cleaner and twist one end into a ring shape. Make sure there is a bit of overhanging pipe cleaner at the end so that it can be twisted to secure the ring in place. Bend the ring forward to shape it into a halo. Trim the pipe cleaner roughly 5-7cm down from the halo.
  7. Apply a fair amount of glue to the middle-back of the angel and stick on the gold wings. Make sure the metallic side is facing the front of the angel. Stick the halo between the two wings with the halo itself hanging just above the head. Hold the wings and halo in place as they dry.
Metallic Doily Angel Metallic Doily Angel Metallic Doily Angel

Top Tip

To keep the angel’s hair flat as it dries, wrap a small piece of cling film around the head. If cling film is not available you can also use a thin strip of paper or card and wrap it around the dolls head and secure with tape.

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