Mermaid Busy Jar

This Mermaid Busy Jar has everything you need for transportable entertainment. Theme them how you like, creating a tiny world in a jar. Perfect for developing fine motor skills and promoting sensory development, while encouraging language development, and independent play skills through screen-free imaginative play.

Mermaid Busy Jar

Skill Level


Time to Make

10 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed

Yes. Never leave a child unattended with small parts.

How to Make

  1. Take small ball of blue and sand dough and place into the jar first.
  2. Then place the fish into the jar.
  3. Add in the other components little shells and beads.
  4. Add some stickers to decorate the outside of the jar.
  5. Keeping the lid on the jar will prevent the dough from drying out.
  6. When you want to use the busy jar, simply tip out onto a suitable surface and enjoy.
Mermaid Busy Jar Mermaid Busy Jar Mermaid Busy Jar

Top Tip

Use a spoon to press down the dough into the bottom of the jar.

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