Medieval Castle Model

Create the legendary scene of St. George saving a princess from a medieval castle guarded by a fierce dragon!

Medieval Castle Model

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 45 mins

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a kitchen towel tube in half. On one half cut a window shaped hole in the middle of the tube. On the other half, cut out a door shape from the bottom of the tube. At the tops of both tubes cut out small squares around the edge.
  2. Paint both tubes using yellow acrylic deco paint. Leave to dry. Using black paint, paint a door shape on the window tube, and a window shape on the door tube. Leave to dry.
  3. Stick both tubes together using glue dots to create the medieval castle. Take two wooden people and paint their heads using a skin tone colour. Paint long hair on the princess wooden doll and a bright coloured dress. Leave to dry.
  4. Draw on a face using a thin black pen. Use pink paint to add rosy cheeks. Leave to dry. Stick a crown self-adhesive jewel to the top of the princess’ head and another jewel to the middle of her dress. Place the princess wooden doll inside the castle under the tube so that her head shows through the window. Cut more of the window out if needed.
  5. Paint a grey helmet onto the St. George wooden doll leave a circle in the middle for his face to show through. Paint the rest of the body grey. Leave to dry. Paint a small amount of hair poking through the helmet onto St. George’s forehead. Leave to dry.
  6. Paint a white rectangle down the middle of the St.George wooden doll’s body. Leave to dry. Paint a red cross onto the white rectangle. Leave to dry. Paint on top a shield shape and a sword shape. Leave to dry.
  7. Draw 5 black vertical lines using a black pen on the middle of the top of the helmet to add details. Add 2 small circles either side of the lines on the top of the helmet. Draw on a face onto the St. George wooden doll using a black pen.
  8. Take a wooden craft peg and paint it green using acrylic deco paint by mixing blue and yellow together. Leave to dry. Using a black pen draw two black nostrils on the top end of the peg so that it looks like the opening of a dragon’s mouth. Stick on 2 small wiggle eyes.
  9. Cut a small, thin strip from red paper to use as the dragon’s tongue. Cut a small triangle in the middle of the end of the tongue to create a forked dragon’s tongue. Stick the other end inside the dragon’s mouth using a glue dot or a glue stick. Cut two small spikey wings from green paper and stick to either side of the peg using glue dots.
  10. Cut a small triangle from green paper and stick to the other end of the peg to make the tip of the dragon’s tail. Cut out a circle from a sheet of brown foam as a base and large enough for the medieval castle, St. George and the dragon to fit on.
Medieval Castle Model Medieval Castle Model Medieval Castle Model

Top Tip

Instead of a tongue you can add spikey layers of red, orange and yellow paper to make the dragon appear to breath fire.

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