Love Heart Clay Jar Tags

Air dry clay is great for creating your own custom additions to kitchen jars and storage.

Love Heart Clay Jar Tags

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. On a clean, flat surface use the rolling pin to roll out a piece of air dry clay into a neat sheet 5mm thick.
  2. Use the cookie cutter to neatly cut out the shape of the gift tags and peel away the unwanted clay.
  3. Use the end of the paintbrush, or a small skewer, to make a neat hole in the upper section of the tag – this will be where the twine is to be passed through.
  4. Draw on your chosen message with an old ballpoint pen in your desired style, brushing away any excess clay, centrally onto the surface of the tag. Set aside for up to 72 hours to allow the clay to dry and set.
  5. Once the clay has dried, use the tip of your finger to apply a small dab of the metallic acrylic paint over the stamped letters, work the paint into the indentations of the letters to highlight them. Work around the tag to add a blotting of the metallic paint to the edge and set aside to dry. Then, take a corresponding coloured pen and fill in the letters to ensure they stand out, as shown.
  6. When the paint is fully dry, use the paintbrush to add a coat of clear varnish to the tag and allow to dry. Apply a second coat if required.
  7. Once the varnish has fully dried, cut a 12cm length of twine and feed through the small hole in the top of the tag. Pass the twine ends through the loop and draw up to secure to the tag. Neatly knot the ends to finish.
Love Heart Clay Jar Tags Love Heart Clay Jar Tags Love Heart Clay Jar Tags

Top Tip

These Love Heart Clay Jar Tags are great for any occasion - Christmas, Easter, Birthdays or just as a simple Thank you!