Love Bug Pom Poms

These adorable love bug pom poms would make the perfect gift for a loved one this Valentine’s Day

Love Bug Pom Poms

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make the pom pom first download the circle template provided and cut out two from card. Ask an adult to help cut out the middle section of each circle.
  2. Take a reel of wool in your chosen colour and cut this into long strands. Cut one strand to approximately 20cm and put to one side. You should use up the majority of the reel to make the pom pom.
  3. Place both of the card circles together, then wrap the wool strands through the hole, around the edge and back through the hole again, until you can’t thread any more through.
  4. Carefully cut the wool through the middle of the two card circles until you have snipped the whole way across.
  5. Using the 20cm piece of wool you set aside earlier, wrap this underneath one of the card circles and tie tightly with a double knot. Snip through each card circle to remove from the pom pom.
  6. Trim the pom pom down using scissors until you have a full and neat looking circle.
  7. Take a pipe cleaner and bend it around the middle of the pom pom. When the ends meet then twist the pipe cleaner together to create the bugs antennae. Cut the ends off slightly so they aren’t too long.
  8. Cut out a large heart from foam for the love bugs feet. Apply some glue to the middle of the heart and then stick the pom pom on top.
  9. Cut out some small hearts from foam and stick these to the ends of the pipe cleaner.
  10. Finish by sticking on two wiggle eyes to the front of the pom pom.
Love Bug Pom Poms Love Bug Pom Poms Love Bug Pom Poms

Top Tip

These love bug pom poms don’t have to be just one size. Why not try making them in mini, medium or large sizes by changing the size of your pom pom maker.



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