Llama Pen Pot

Keep your desk organised by storing your favourite stationery in this on-trend Llama pen pot!

Llama Pen Pot

Skill Level

Intermediate, adult supervision needed.

Time to Make

1 hour + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. With white acrylic paint, paint the outside of a glass jar and leave to dry. Repeat this process a few times until you have built up a good coverage.
  2. Cut out the llama’s ears from white and brown foam. Using double sided tape, stick the brown inner ears on top of the white pieces. Then once the glass jar is dry, attach the ears to the top of the jar using a hot glue gun.
  3. Cut out the llama’s hair from white foam. Cut the metal stems off some paper flowers and stick these in a row along the bottom of the hair. Then stick this piece on top of the ears using a hot glue gun.
  4. Cut out the llama’s mouth from brown foam, then cut out the nose from black foam. Using double sided tape stick the nose onto the mouth, then use a thin black pen to draw on the mouth detail. With double sided tape then stick this piece onto the middle of the jar, just below the llama’s hair.
  5. Cut out the llama’s eyes from black foam. Then using double sided tape, stick these onto the jar, either side of the nose.
  6. Cut a piece of pom pom ribbon to length then stick this along the bottom of the glass jar, using a hot glue gun.
  7. Water some pink acrylic paint down and lightly paint the llama’s cheeks onto the jar.
Llama Pen Pot Llama Pen Pot Llama Pen Pot

Top Tip

Apply a few coats of white acrylic paint to the outside of the glass jar to make sure it has good coverage.

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