Light Up Snowmen Decorations

Brighten up your Christmas tree with these easy to make light up snowmen decorations made using LED tea lights.

Light Up Snowmen Decorations

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take an LED tea light and draw on eyes and a dotted mouth using a black glass pen.
  2. Cut out a top-hat shape from self-adhesive glitter foam and stick it to the top of the snowman’s head. Another hat idea is a bobble hat shape cut out from glitter foam with a glitter pom pom stuck to the top.
  3. Stick a coloured satin bow to the bottom of the snowman’s head.
  4. Cut a piece of festive ribbon roughly 15cm long and tie it into a loop secured with a double knot.
  5. Stick the knot on the loop to the back of the snowman’s hat so that it sticks to the self-adhesive glitter foam.
Light Up Snowmen Decorations Light Up Snowmen Decorations Light Up Snowmen Decorations

Top Tip

These light-up snowmen could also be stuck on a Christmas wreath.

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