Kraken Paper Cup Windsocks

Watch your kraken windsocks gently blow in the wind by hanging your creations in the garden. This fun, interactive craft is great for little hands!

Kraken Paper Cup Windsocks

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

15 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using the template cut out the Kraken head from purple card.
  2. Stick 3 sequins to the top of the kraken head and 2 giant wiggle eyes at the bottom of the Kraken head.
  3. Cut out 5 long strips (3cm wide) from dark purple tissue paper and 5 long strips (1cm wide) from light purple tissue paper.
  4. Fold the long strips in half.
  5. Using super tacky glue, stick the folded edge of the tissue paper strips inside the bottom of a purple paper cup, remember to alternate the colours of the strips.
  6. Stick the head onto the paper cup.
  7. When the glue has dried, cut a length of ribbon and tie a knot at the end to make a loop.
  8. Stick the ribbon to the top of the paper cup and the back of the kraken head using sticky tape.
Kraken Paper Cup Windsocks Kraken Paper Cup Windsocks Kraken Paper Cup Windsocks

Top Tip

If you don’t have the correct coloured paper cups you can cover the cups in paper (template provided).