King Charles Cardboard Tube Mascot

Create this cardboard tube King Charles mascot from recycling your cardboard tubes, to celebrate his Majesty’s Coronation.

King Charles Cardboard Tube Mascot

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a strip of skin tone paper and stick it around the top section of the cardboard tube using double sided tape.
  2. Cut a strip a similar size from a sheet of black paper and stick it to the bottom section of the cardboard tube. Then cut a slightly wider strip of red paper for the middle section.
  3. Create a belt by cutting a thin strip of black paper and a square of glitter gold card. Attach it to the waist using double sided tape.
  4. Stick a blue ribbon diagonally across the red section to create a sash. Then stick a piece of glitter gold card either side to make the shoulder pads.
  5. Stick some double sided tape to the top of the cardboard tube, then attach white wool to make the hair.
  6. Add two wiggle eyes to the face and use a black pen to draw a smile underneath.
  7. To make the King’s crown, take a sheet of glitter gold card and cut a strip long enough to wrap around the tube, and about 3cm wide. Then cut a zig zag line along one of the sides.
  8. Roll the card into a circle and attach the ends together using a metal split pin. This holds better than the tape. Decorate the crown with self-adhesive jewels and then push onto the top of the cardboard tube.
King Charles Cardboard Tube Mascot King Charles Cardboard Tube Mascot King Charles Cardboard Tube Mascot

Top Tip

Use paper rather than card to wrap around the tube as it is less likely to come unstuck.