Ice Cream Puzzle Magnets

Make a set of magnets for a fridge door or other magnetic surface, then test your puzzle-making skills by muddling them up and putting them back together again.

Ice Cream Puzzle Magnets

Skill Level

Intermediate. Adult supervision needed.

Time to Make

1 hour, plus plenty of drying time.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Lay nine clean tiles out 3 x 3, to make a square. Use masking tape to stick the tiles to the surface. This will make a nice border on your puzzle and prevent them from slipping while you are painting. Draw your picture onto the tiles with a pencil.
  2. Set out your paint palette, brushes and water. I used white, turquoise, fuschia, pink, purple, orange, yellow, black and gold. To make the pale yellow for your waffle cone, mix some yellow and white together in the paint palette. To make the green for the small dots, mix some yellow and blue together. Add a tiny bit of white to each of the other colours (except gold) and mix well. This will make your colours brighter and you won’t need to use as many coats of paint.
  3. Start to fill in the tiles using one colour at a time. Paint the white background first and clean your brush well. When the paint is dry, move on to the waffle cone, ice cream scoop and then spots. Finally, finish with the face. First paint two white circles for the eyes and when dry, add two small black dots. Then add your rosy pink cheeks and a nice big smile with a small brush.
  4. Once your paint is dry, carefully and slowly peel off the masking tape (so as not to peel off the paint). Then, paint the border of the tiles.
  5. Allow to dry for 24 hours and then fix colour by baking as per the instructions. Once cool, apply the magnets to the underside of each tile.
Ice Cream Puzzle Magnets Ice Cream Puzzle Magnets Ice Cream Puzzle Magnets

Top Tip

Use a cotton bud and a little warm water to remove any mistakes before baking.