Ice Cream Handprint Card

Get ready to sprinkle some sparkle and sweetness into your crafting routine with this delightful project. Children can create adorable cards featuring their own handprint transformed into a cute ice cream cone card. Add colourful scoubidous to create sprinkle toppings for an extra touch of delicious creativity to their creations.

Ice Cream Handprint Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

20 mins + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, fold a piece of pink A4 card in half.
  2. Draw around your hand using a pencil and cut it out.
  3. For the cone, cut out a triangle from kraft card.
  4. Then, using a ruler draw crossed lines using a brown deco pen.
  5. Stick the handprint cut out to the cone.
  6. For the sauce, create drip marks with super tacky glue.
  7. Then sprinkle pink glitter on top.
  8. Lastly, for the sprinkles, cut scoubidous into small pieces and stick them to the ‘sauce’.
Ice Cream Handprint Card Ice Cream Handprint Card Ice Cream Handprint Card

Top Tip

You can double up the kraft card for the cone to make it sturdier.

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