Heart Flower Bouquet

Make a display of everlasting heart blooms with a special message on each one.

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Trace an elongated heart shape on the back of a piece of self-adhesive foam (use our template) using a marker. Draw a 3cm diameter circle in the centre and cut out the frame shape using small scissors.
  2. Fix a small circle of white card behind the aperture in the heart and write a special message on it. Cut another heart shape from sticky foam, making sure it is the mirror image of the first one.
  3. Stick the two hearts back to back, sandwiching a pipe cleaner stem between them towards the point of the shape.
  4. Fold a rectangle of green sticky foam in half and cut out a heart shape, leaving the pointed end joined at the fold. Open out, remove the backing paper and fix around the stem of the heart flower.
  5. Cut out some smaller heart shapes from other colours of self-adhesive foam and use these to decorate the heart flower. Cover a craft pot with a sheet of sticky foam. Decorate this with more hearts and use as a vase for the flowers.

Top Tip

Hold the flowers in place by pushing the stems into a ball of clay at the bottom of the vase.



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