Heart Dreamcatcher

These heart dreamcatchers will look great hanging on your bedroom wall. Kids will enjoy creating a webbed effect from different coloured wool which will catch any bad dreams and let only the good one’s through.

Heart Dreamcatcher

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a heart craft wreath and paint it red using acrylic paint. Leave to dry then apply a second coat of paint on top. Leave to dry.
  2. Mark out eight points around the heart, approx 1cm away from the middle edge of the heart. Using a sharpened pencil, carefully punch through each point to leave a small hole.
  3. Take a length of purple wool and thread it onto a plastic needle, then thread it through the holes to create a webbed effect. When you have passed through all of the holes, tape the ends to the back of the wreath to secure in place. Repeat this step with the pink wool.
  4. Tie some blue ribbon into a loop to hang the heart craft wreath from then cut three strands of ribbon approx 15cm in length and stick these to the back of the wreath at the bottom.
  5. Stick on some self-adhesive foam hearts to the ribbon strands then attach pink feathers to the bottom of the ribbon strands, using tape.
Heart Dreamcatcher Heart Dreamcatcher Heart Dreamcatcher

Top Tip

To make it easier to thread the wool through the holes try using a plastic needle, this will also prevent the wool from fraying.

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