Hanging Glass Wall Pendant

Create a stunning hanging wall pendant for your home using driftwood and beautifully smooth beach glass.

Hanging Glass Wall Pendant

Skill Level


Time to Make

1.5 hours

How to Make

  1. Screw hooks into the driftwood, 3 at the bottom, one at the top in the centre.
  2. Measure 3 strands of gold thread, one for each hook, and create a loop for hanging by folding in half and knotting in the centre.
  3. Choose your glass pieces, selecting large stones through to smaller ones for each hanging strand.
  4. Use gold thread to wrap around the centre of each piece of glass (for decorative purposes) and fix the ends with a glue gun on the back.
  5. Glue the glass pieces to each strand with a glue gun, sandwiching the thread in the middle of two stones.
Hanging Glass Wall Pendant Hanging Glass Wall Pendant Hanging Glass Wall Pendant

Top Tip

If you are using fine gold thread to hang the glass on, double it up to ensure it is strong enough to hold the weight of the glass.