Handsewn Mother’s Day Card

Create a unique card for Mother’s Day using your sewing skills.

Handsewn Mother’s Day Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours plus glue drying time.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of pink card 30cm x 15cm, using a craft knife. Score in the middle and fold in half.
  2. Cut a piece of A4 white card 14cmx 14cm.v
  3. Take the hessian and mark out a 12.5cm x 12.5cm square using the tailors chalk and cut it out with fabric scissors.
  4. On a piece of graph paper draw out the letter M, no taller than 6cm. Cut it out.
  5. Iron out your fabric remnant for the “M”. Cut out a piece of “Heatbond” the same size as remnant and iron it on the wrong side of fabric.
  6. Pin the paper M onto the fabric and cut it out. Remove the backing paper from the Heatbond.
  7. Place the fabric M centrally on the left hand side of the hessian piece and iron it on. Ensure it has adhered well.
  8. Sew the M around the edge in a contrast thread.
  9. Using either felt or different fabric remnants cut out the other letters. They must be smaller than the M. You can die cut the letters also if you have a die cutting machine. The letters can be appliqued or if that is too fiddly you can stick them on using appropriate glue.
  10. Lay the hessian piece onto the white card leaving a small border all around and stitch it in the same contrast thread as you did the M. Sew over the stitching again to make it stand out.
  11. Cut a piece of double sided self-adhesive sheet the same size as the white card that the hessian is on. Stick it onto the back of the white card. Peel the backing and stick it onto the front of the pink card, leaving an even border all around.
  12. Make felt flowers and foliage, use paper flowers or a combination of both to decorate the card. Stick them on using the extra strong multipurpose glue.
  13. To finish off, add a couple of mini flower jewels above the Y in “Happy” and at the end of the stem on the M.
Handsewn Mother’s Day Card Handsewn Mother’s Day Card Handsewn Mother’s Day Card

Top Tip

Free machine embroidery is also a great way to stitch on fabric cards giving a unique look to the card with the extra detail.