Handprint Heart Decoration

This handprint heart decoration makes a lovely personalised gift for loved ones, especially for Mum on Mother’s Day.

Handprint Heart Decoration

Skill Level

Easy, adult supervision needed

Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time for clay and paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take approximately a third of a pack of air drying clay and use a rolling pin to roll it flat until it is about a centimetre thick.
  2. Download and print off the heart template provided then cut it out. Lay the heart over the rolled out clay and use a plastic modelling tool to cut around the heart shape.
  3. Position your hand to where you would like your handprint to go and then press it firmly into the clay to create your handprint.
  4. Use a skewer to create two holes in the top of the clay heart. Leave up to 48 hours to dry.
  5. Once the clay has completely dried through, paint around the handprint with red acrylic paint so that just the heart is painted. Leave to dry. Apply a second coat of paint. Leave to dry.
  6. Stick some foam letters on to personalise your heart then stick some mini around the handprint to decorate.
  7. Cut a length of blue ribbon, thread through the holes and tie with a large knot on each end to hold securely in place. Create a small bow from some ribbon and stick onto one side to finish.
Handprint Heart Decoration Handprint Heart Decoration Handprint Heart Decoration

Top Tip

Leave the clay to dry for up to 48 hours to ensure it has dried out completely before painting.